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You are looking for community, accountability, and decision support...and a group of other Boss Mom's who get you!
You're in the right place...

The Boss Mom Academy is a 6-month group coaching program specifically built for work at home moms, and mom entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to give you support and guidance, get you into action, give you the right tools exactly when you need them, help you be decisive in your business, and grow to reach your financial goals.
If this sounds good to you, then take a look around and schedule a Boss Mom Fitting Call.
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This is the right place for you if...
You have already started your business, but may not have consistent revenue coming in
You know where you want to go, but you aren't really sure on how to get there
You are an action taker and want a coach who will give you the steps you need to get things done
You want to be part of a community of like minded collaborative women 
Warning: In 2017 the Boss Mom Academy is going to be a closed program. We are taking 20 amazing women, and we have limited spots left so if you are interested, schedule a fitting call now.
Here at Boss Mom we like to help you take the guesswork out of how to run your business so you can spend your precious moments in purposeful action
Your life is full of littles, never ending ideas, and most likely a lot of caffeine. You started your business because creating beautiful and magnificent things in this world is what you do best.  You also want to build a business that gives you the freedom to chase your littles around and enjoy being a mom.  Well, you are in the right place. The Boss Mom Academy is a place for all you work-at-home moms that have started a business and now want the right guidance and support to put all the pieces together to see it grow.
When does it start?
The Boss Mom Academy officially starts on Wednesday, March 1st. 

We are actively taking applications which is initiated by scheduling a Boss Mom Academy Fitting Call.  We keep the initial call to 15 minutes so we can see if and how Dana can be helpful for you and your business.

Think of it like business speed dating.  If it's a good fit, then we will schedule a longer strategy session (more like an actual date) to dig into your long-term business strategy. If we fall in love then we will talk about the Academy. (kind of like moving in together...for 6-months at least.)
I had consumed all of the free content that I could find on how to have a successful business. And it just turned into a muddy mess. When I met Dana, I was desperate for some one-on-one coaching.

The week the Academy started, I told my husband "Well, this week was worth the entire investment" and it's just improved since then. Each day,

I'm challenged to grow and take it another level up. I've taken HUGE leaps in my business that I never would have been brave enough to take, let alone the resources and knowledge, if I didn't joined the Boss Mom Academy.

In a year, when I've reached my crazy goals, I'll have Dana to thank for it. With a glass of wine, of course.
Let me guess...
You have no problem coming up with great ideas. In fact, you have so many great ideas that you aren't sure where to start. 
You feel a bit stuck, stagnant, overwhelmed. 
You started on this journey for more freedom, but you feel more chained to your business than ever. 
And you sometimes worry that you will end up sacrificing those priceless moments with your kids, which is the opposite of what you want.

Well, we have so got you covered!
How We Structure Each Month
We believe that things happen in our businesses that don't fit into a pretty little box....so we created a coaching program that takes that into account. 
Weekly Huddle Call
We have a weekly Huddle Call to provide guidance, review, and decision support. (you will be able to also submit content for us to go over like sales page content, videos, opt-ins, etc) - These will happen on Wednesday's at 10am pst - 11:30am pst
Individual Coaching Calls
We have 3 main 1-on-1 calls together. Planning Call (within the first month), Asses Call (month 3-4), Momentum Call (final month). This helps us ensure you are on path and moving forward.
Private Facebook Group
We have a very engaged and intimate private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get support, collaborate and more. We have 3 weekly prompts to help create accountability
Boss Mom Welcome Box
Who doesn't love to get a box of goodies 
Monthly Focus Intensive Calls
The last Thursday of each month we will have a Focus Intensive where we set our focus for the following month and decide our main implementation plan. (this is separate from the huddles)
Boss Mom Membership Site
You will have lifetime access to the main Boss Mom Membership site which includes the Raising Your Business Course as well, our other main courses, and anything we create during your 6 months in the program.
Free Live 1-Day Workshops
We will be offering 4 1-day workshops across the nation and you get to go free. Dates and locations will be released soon.
Discounted Boss Mom Retreat Ticket
You get your Retreat ticket for 75% off...our next one will take place on the East Coast in late Sept/Early Oct.
At the end of our six months together, you will have...
We are talking super clarity about why you are in business, what you want to accomplish and we will have already taken great strides to move you towards your long term goals...with a positive trajectory to help you continuing in the right direction.

We plan to help create new habits for you in your business, and life, that help you stay on path, recognize when your attention is being pulled, and know where and how to focus on what's important.
Business is people, and when we help each other magic happens. You will meet other Boss Moms in the program that you will work with, create awesome new collaborations, and hopefully come away with some new wonderful friends.
While we can't guarantee that this program will make you rich and famous, we can tell you that this program will give you the tools you need to create strong systems in your business that will make your business stronger and healthier.
I'm ready to schedule a 15 minute Boss Mom Fitting
You will be taken to a scheduler to pick your time slot. There are limited times so make sure to pick a time right now.
So what can The Boss Mom Academy help you achieve?
We know there is a whole bunch of things you want to create in your business, so here are a few that we can help you with during your 6 months with us...

- Assessing your current brand
- Understanding your ideal client and how to find them
- How to brainstorm and create virtual courses
- Understanding sales funnels (how they work and how to set it up)
- Email marketing and how to nurture your list
- Facebook ads (how they work, how to use them, and what not to do)
- What kinds of content to build a community and guide them to your services

And there is so much more....we have an awesome team with an amazing breadth of experience in all sorts of topics that can help you nurture your business.

Our Boss Mom team and experts have seen great success in...

- Online course creation on both 3rd party platforms and self hosted
- Monetizing Blogs
- Launching service packages
- Running Facebook ads
- Creating automation in every aspect of you business
- Email marketing & sales funnels
- Starting Masterminds
- Writing a book
- Launching a podcast

And that just scratches the surface.
Meet your Boss Mom Guide Dana Malstaff
Well hello there fellow Boss Mom!

I'm the founder of Boss Mom and official host and guide of The Boss Mom Academy. I also have a wonderful team to help make sure you have an awesome experience.

I'm a Dana mother of 2 awesome littles. I started my business while pregnant with my son  and grew my business while pregnant with my  daughter;

Dana runs a successful service and virtual product based business and has been featured on podcasts such as Hal Elrod's 'Achieve Your Goals', She Percolates, Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income, and EOFIRE. I also have over 9,000 students in multiple courses across multiple platforms and bring in consistent monthly passive and not so passive income.  

I'm super pumped to have you come join the Boss Mom Academy and move your business forward. We work hard, but have fun too, and give ourselves a little grace for raising a family and a business at the same time.  

I hope to get to know you more on our 15 minute Bos Mom Fitting

                                                                                                      - Dana 
Dana has pushed me past my comfort levels and helped me to expand my perspective and even my belief in myself and my business.

She has helped me to clearly set goals and achieve them and all while making me feel like not just another client but a friend. Dana is amazing in all that she does. She exudes confidence and by extension instills that confidence in myself and the other Academy ladies.

This investment is worth every penny and more. I look forward to the day I can give Dana a big thank you hug in person.
We are working to create frequently asked questions, but in the meantime, if you have questions just send them over to help@boss-mom.com